Leadership Team

Vic Briccardi, President and CEO

team vic_briccardi

My objective is to maintain the RTS leadership position in improving our client's manufacturing operations, by empowering each of our associates to provide well engineered, innovative, and value added solutions for our customers. My passion in driving manufacturing operational excellence has resulted in a best-in-class, committed, and versatile team of technology and business focused individuals, working to solve cross-industry problems.


Paul Radulescu, Director of Consulting

team paul_radulescu

Always pushing the envelope, whether it is with a new idea or an out of the box way of looking at the world, our work thrives on novelty and innovation. There are always new projects that you can take on to push outside of your comfort zone. Employees and customers are really passionate about “the idea”. In order to hit crazy deadlines or do something that never has been done, they need to be high-energy people, fostering amazing team spirit. Everyone cares about taking things to the next level and making “the idea” work. Getting outside of the comfort zone is the only way to really help expand our own, as well as our customer’s, horizons!


Amrit Dhar, Director of Sales

team paul_radulescu

I believe in utilizing my entrepreneurial leadership to deliver outstanding business growth and long term success for my clients. With over 30 years of diversified experience running my own business as well as heading initiatives for industry leading companies, I have acquired vast knowledge in application engineering and market standards, helping customers find optimal solutions for their technical and financial goals. Be it Controls and Process Automation, Systems Integrations, or Electrical and IT Systems, I am committed to the highest levels of professional and personal excellence to deliver value for you.



Siavash Jamal, Director of Smart Energy Solutions

Siavsh Jamal

Twenty years of entrepreneurship, business development, and technical consulting for smart energy technologies has taught me to innovate, promote, and satisfy. This means to think out of the box, create new ideas, implement them, promote your solutions, deploy, support and satisfy your customer, and never leave them behind. At RTS energy solutions, our philosophy is the same. We push for new boundaries to create more environmentally friendly, efficient, and cost effective energy related solutions. We continuously develop new ideas ourselves, or in partnership with leading edge innovators to meet global targets for the 21st century energy policies. We create reliable, green, economic, and secure energy solutions for everybody and future generations.



Grant Vokey, Principal MES Consultant

team paul_radulescu

Over the years I have developed an excellent understanding of Operations level processes in manufacturing (having actually worked in operations for 20 yrs) and how to map those processes to the virtual world within the manufacturing IT applications to truly reflect the real world. From that understanding, my goal in all implementations is to develop solutions that are intuitive to the manufacturing user’s needs in effectiveness and user experience. Solution sets must also be scalable as the company grows in process maturity and sustainable over the life cycle of the enterprise applications as a whole.